Match Reports

Harewood Junior School


It is with great pleasure that I share below the superb efforts of my writing club, who watched the Harewood Y6 football team’s league match against Dinglewell Primary before drafting then editing their match reports – well done all! Look out for next published work later in the Summer Term…

Harewood Junior School 0-6 Dinglewell Primary

Harewood Junior school received a cruel, devastating defeat against a highly-impressive Dinglewell Primary School. Dinglewell played in a magnificent and astounding manner which is why the score line was a comprehensive 0-6 defeat.

The game took place on Thursday 1st of December 2022, in the G.S league [Gloucester schools league D)

The goals came thick and fast: goal number one was scored by Dinglewell’s number #2; the goal was a long shot from 25 yards out. Dramatically, goal number two was scored by #2, the goal was a scruffy shot which went underneath the goalkeeper, who was unlucky not to save it.

Soon after came goal number #3, scored by #6; it was an incredible drive of finesse from outside of the box. Goal number #4 was scored by #2; the goal was a powerful shot that stayed on the ground during its flight into the back of the net. The final strike was scored by #2 – a very lucky shot that the defenders couldn’t get to.

In summary, Harewood were emotionally scarred from Dinglewells win. The Harewood goalkeeper commented that, “I am gutted and devastated by today’s defeat.”

Both teams will complete their quest for league glory after Christmas.

By Harry, Year 6


Dinglewell vs Harewood!

Last Thursday, Dinglewell Primary completed an outstanding victory against Harewood Junior School. In the treacherous, freezing conditions, Dinglewell Primary scored an unexpected six goals! On their goal scoring streak, they stopped Harewood from scoring any goals. Dinglewell’s team stayed positive and strong from start to finish – in contrast, Harewood’s were cold, disorganised and as a result suffered a humiliating defeat.

Dinglewell’s first goal by number two was very messy because Harewood’s goalkeeper made a super save but his defenders let him down – and let Dinglewell score. That gave them the confidence to put the ball into the top right corner.

The next goal was made by a brilliant header assist, setting up number 6 for a straight forward tap in.

Dinglewell then created a very lucky goal; scoring from the half way line, after multiple deflections.

At half time, it was 4-0 so Harewood changed goalkeeper. Consequently, Harewood toughened up and provided more resilience after half time but sadly didn’t score. Furthermore, Dinglewell added to their lead by luckily taping the ball around the goalkeeper twice to extend their dominance.

To their credit, Harewood had lots of unlucky shots and passes. They managed lots of saves and blocks and were defending incredibly well until Dinglewell scored their first goal. The final score was 6-0 to Dinglewell. Harewood’s goalkeeper commented that: “I feel depressed and devastated.”

The Gloucester Schools’ football league will continue in the coming weeks.

By Arthur, Year 5

Harewood Junior School suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of a magnificent, astounding Dinglewell team. The G.S league match up took place on Thursday, 1st December at a soggy, foggy Harewood playing field – amidst freezing conditions.

The first goal was a superb, powerful long-range shot from out the box by Dinglewell’s number two. Goal number two came shortly after – the number six passed to nine and did an amazing close shot goal flew viciously into the net.

As the game went on, there was continued pressure until finally an excellent, angry goal from number six flew past the goalie in an impressive manner.

Number two continued his excellent performance, as he skidded the ball in to extend Dinglewell’s dominance. It was a magnificent and fantastic goal. As the half – time whistle blew, unfortunately Harewood Junior School were four nil down.

The second half was much improved by Harewood, as they kept the score down to two goals, but they suffered a demoralising defeat. League fixtures will continue in the coming weeks.

By James, Year 5


Harewood Junior School 0-6 Dinglewell Primary School

Harewood Junior School had a devastating, cruel match with Dinglewell Primary School – Dinglewell dumped Harewood to the ground!

In a really hard and disappointing result for Harewood Junior School, the powerful and devastating visitors laid siege to the home team’s goal.. The 1st goal was by number two, a long range shot that flew into the net despite the keeper’s huge dive.

Dinglewell’s number two, who was great, scored goal number two and he was brilliant and scored a superb hat trick, skilling everyone with his wonderful ability. Dinglewell were outstanding, an incredible team with a dangerous striker. Number 2’s best goal was powerful and went straight into the top bin, it left the goalkeeper dangling. The next goal was by number two, he ran past a lot of people and scored really nicely. At the end of the half, it was 4-0 to Dinglewell. In the second half, Dinglewell scored 2 more amazing goals which lead to the final score of an incredible 6-0 to Dinglewell.

By Jude, Year 4

On Thursday first of December 2023 Harewood junior school suffered a devastating 6 – 0 reverse-in freezing conditions-against a hugely, fantastic Dinglewell team.

After a frantic start, where both teams were battling for the ball like two furious lions, Dinglewell finally took the lead with a smashing shot.

Both teams kept going with some super football but there were some amazing goals by Dinglewell’s star player. The final score was an unbelievable 6-0 defeat for Harewood.

By Szymon, Year 3

Last Thursday, Dinglewell Primary won superbly against harewood junior school. Dinglewell won justafiably and crushed Harewood junior school by completing a 6-0 thumping. It was also freezing cold and damp conditions.

Harewood fought hard to win but it was no use against Dinglewell! From 20 yards out, number two struck a blistering strike leaving the Harewood keeper in the dust. Worst followed, as Dinglewell extended their lead through a scrappy shot underneath the goalkeeper’s desperate dive.

Harewood were a good team but Dinglewell were significantly better in every department – Dinglewell left Harewood in the dust. Harewood were clearly desperate to win, but still not strong enough to defeat Dinglewell. A long shot partly outside the box gave goal number two, it beat the goal keeper and it was a scruffy goal. .A powerful low shot was the final scoring to make it 3-0 at half-time. Goal 5 was by D-W 8 and was a slow shot that went in off the post. Goal 6 was again a sloppy, messy goal after some unlucky defending.

These were the reasons and the actions that produced an astounding 6-0 that devastated HareWood Junior School. It was a good match.

By Tobias, Year 5


Harewood Primary School 0 Dinglewell Primary 6

Harewood Junior School suffered an outrageous defeat at the hands of incredible Dinglewell – it was a six nil battering!

The game took place in Harewood’s field, an important football match for the Gloucester School League. Dinglewell’s players were all like Messi, they were all on fire, it was like they all had magical football superpowers. The first goal was a long, powerful shot scored by number #2 which flew past the Harewood goalkeeper. The second goal was a destructive strike that came soon after. The goals kept coming much to the sadness of the home team.

By Tyray, Year 3


Harewood junior school vs Dinglewell Primary

Harewood Junior school received a devastating defeat by Dinglewell Primary .The football match took place on the Harewood football field, on Thursday first December 2022. The playing field was wet, soggy and foggy with freezing cold conditions.

After an energetic beginning, both of the teams started strong, but Dinglewell managed to score an opening fireball strike. This astounding hit was created by player number two. This blast left the Harewood keeper distraught. More amazing goals were soon to come; for the second goal, number two scored a sloppy stike from 15 feet out, leaving the keeper to the ground. The Dinglewell players made it through the Harewood defence and number six struck a blazing and outrageous goal into the top right corner for Dinglewell’s third goal. The annihilation continued: a sad, demoralizing day for Harewood Junior School.

Final score: Harewood Junior School 0 Dinglewell Primary 6

By Yussuf, Year 6