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Year Groups

Year 3

This Autumn term, Year 3 will be studying Jungle Fever, a topic linked to the rainforest. They will be learning about plants and animals that live in the Brazilian rainforests. Children will also explore the location and the climate, as well as consider deforestation and fair-trade issues. Amongst others, we will read The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry and our class story will be I Believe in Unicorns by Michael Morpurgo. In Science, the children will investigate factors that help plants grow, and they will look closely at the parts of plants and flowers. Hopefully, we will also visit The Wild Place to learn more about exotic animals!

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These pictures from literacy, in which the children are reenacting The Jungle Book.

These are pictures from numeracy, in which the children are exploring place value.

Year 4

During the Spring term, the Year 4 topic will be Deadly Disasters. The children will be learning about the continents, the location of major seas, oceans and rivers of the world, as well as natural disasters and how they occur.

Subsequently, we will focus on pressing issues in the world today such as global warming. Throughout the term, children will be delving into a new class reader ‘When the Mountains Roared’, alongside other rich texts to enhance their vocabulary and immerse them in the topic. In Science, we will be studying the water cycle as well as reversible and irreversible changes of state. Additionally, the children will enjoy a variety of enrichment experiences such as, a local visit to Daniel’s Brook to see how the flood defences have benefitted Gloucester, designing and creating a torch and learning about Mental Health during our annual Mental Health Fortnight.

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Year 5

This term, Year 5 will ‘Blast Off!’ and explore life beyond the clouds. From exploring what we know about space to learning about the phases of the moon, the children will explore, discuss and question throughout our ‘Blast Off!’ theme. In Science, the children will learn about the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system as well as understanding how the idea of the Earth’s rotation explains night and day. We will be visited by a space dome in Spring 2 to further support the children’s learning about space, as well as joining in partnership with Holmleigh Park High School for a Science session over at the secondary school.

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5K Holmleigh Park High School Science Afternoon

5K enjoyed learning all about the force of gravity as well as chemical reactions by making their very own rockets! At first, we learnt about chemical reactions with gases and Mr Mortimier set the fumes on fire. Then, we got to create our own bicarbonate and vinegar rocket.

Year 6

Our topic this term is largely science and PSHE based, as we explore the most incredible machine – the human body. We will start by learning about the organs of our body, our body systems and everything that we can do to keep our bodies working well. We will also be learning about how different substances effect our body and healthy choices that we can make. Later in the term we will discuss how our bodies change as we grow up and human reproduction.

In a secondary topic, we will be travelling across the Severn Seas as we read the famous Treasure Island and start our Pirate Anthologies. Over the term, we will explore a range of writing genres, all with a pirate theme. This always proves to be an exciting topic and we look forward to reading the wonderful writing that our talented young authors produce.


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