Support and Safeguarding

Harewood Junior School

Support and Safeguarding

At Harewood, we’re here to help. As well as your child’s class teacher, the members of the school’s Pastoral Team are here to help you overcome any barriers to your child’s education and to support their social and emotional development alongside their academic progress.

A helping hand from the Pastoral Team:

  • Mrs Mills – Headteacher & DSL
  • Mrs Wood – Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion & DSL
  • Mr Beardshaw Brown – Designated Safeguarding Lead for Online Safety
  • Mrs Fogg – Pastoral Learning Support Mentor & Deputy DSL
  • Mrs Jones – CiC TA

For any queries regarding special educational needs, Mrs Wood can be contacted via the school number – 01452 525364

Family courses offered by our school:

  • Time out for Parents- A 6 week course to help you understand your child, reflect on behaviour strategies, and develop the family you want to have. Led by staff trained by Care For The Family.
  • CAP money course- A 3 week course, led by a trained money coach, to help you budget, save and take control of your money.
  • Homework project- A 2 or 3 week course to explore strategies to help your child engage with their homework.
  • Sleep project- 3 weeks to explore routines and techniques to help you and your child relax and sleep.
  • Family workshops- Held periodically throughout the school year, these are a chance to work side by side with your child on a shared project.

Documents and Links

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Online Safety supporting information:

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HJS Remote Learning Policy – June 2022

If you have any questions or need support on any issues surrounding online safety, please contact Mr Beardshaw-Brown on 01452 525364 or via email: