Harewood Junior School News

Look at the size of the caterpillars now! Soon they will be begin the next part of their life-cycle and create their chrysalis.

With most of our Year 6 children away on residential, it was fabulous for lower and upper school to come together for our Friday celebration assembly – well done to all of our golden children, spelling champions, star readers and times table rock stars!

4BB thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Music Day 2024. We each chose our favourite song before mindmapping how it makes us feel, the emotions it stirs in us, images we associate with the song and key lyrics from the song. We listened and enjoyed a wide variety of the tracks too!

Year 6 have arrived safely and are ready for their first activity!

We were delighted to welcome St.George’s Church for another ‘Open the Book’ assembly which focused on the ease on forgiveness, loving your enemies and being kind to all – ‘The Parable of the Good Samaritan’ – exceptionally valuable lessons for all of us to remember.

Today, we have started our descriptive writing based on The Highwayman poem. Children chose their favourite character and they were then taught by that character’s teacher.

Over the weekend, our caterpillars have quadrupled in size! We cannot wait to see the next stage of their life-cycle.

Each year 6 class spent a whole day concentrating on STEM activities. By the end of the day, we had designed and made fairground rides using Knex. Using computer control, we were able to make our rides move and we added lights and music. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed…

The children can all be extremely proud of their sterling efforts during sports day. They all demonstrated a brilliant effort and determination in a range of track and field events, including hammer throw, relay, shot put and hurdles. Well done everyone!